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Our 5 Step Roadmap To Your New Home

Every project’s success is fueled by creative concepts. Our listening and brainstorming session is the first step.

That is why Key Vista Homes is here to help you find the home of your dreams.

STEP ONE: “Let’s Talk.”

There will be a brainstorming session in which we will discuss your project’s scope as well as its expected costs. All your personal information, such as the amount of space you require, your design preferences, and other specifics, are recorded.

STEP TWO: “Storyboard Process,”

A preliminary schematic floor layout is created once you have chosen your design team. The approved plan is included in your projected budget range, and a chart of allowances is prepared for the subsequent decision procedure. At this point, specific coding or structural problems will be addressed.

STEP THREE: “Rendering to Scale”

is used to finish the bidding process. Design, innovation, and value engineering are all integrated into a comprehensive set of building plans to fit your budget. Your signature is required on a final construction agreement after it has been completed.

STEP FOUR: “The Big Event”

As a result of working with Key Vista Homes, your ideas become a reality. Your blueprints have been constructed precisely according to your instructions.

STEP FIVE: “Happily Ever After.”

Key Vista Homes has received your 5-Star evaluation for completing your project on schedule and within your allocated budget.

Using our “The 5 Simple Steps” method, you describe your ideal home, the design team creates it, you provide your final approval, and then Key Vista Homes constructs it for you.