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Elevating Sustainable Living

At Key Vista Homes, we make your dreams come true by offering custom-built, energy-efficient homes in Boerne, TX. Enjoy the luxury of personalized design and the fulfillment of making a positive impact on the environment. Discover the magic of an Energy Star certified home and indulge in the charm of saving 30% on your utility bills.

A luxury home in development by Key Vista Homes, custom home builders in Boerne, TX.

The Home of Your Dreams, Responsibly Built

At Key Vista Homes in Boerne, TX, we strive to exceed the ordinary when it comes to home building. Our focus is on creating homes that are both opulent and environmentally friendly. With our unwavering dedication to Energy Star certification, we guarantee that each home incorporates energy-efficient materials and state-of-the-art technologies, resulting in reduced utility costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Choosing to build your home with us means embracing a unique expression of your personality, accomplishments, and commitment to the planet.

Personalized Design

Your home should be as unique as you are. We offer a fully personalized approach, allowing you to customize every aspect of your home, reflecting your personality and preferences.

Energy Efficiency

Our homes are designed to be Energy Star certified, resulting in lower utility bills and reduced emissions. Embrace a lifestyle that cares for the environment without compromising on luxury.

Stress-Free Process

From concept to completion, we manage every aspect of the home-building process, making building your home an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home in Boerne?

Let us guide you through a seamless journey to your new sustainable, custom home in Boerne, TX.

A Less Stressful Home Building Process From Start to Finish

Experience unmatched craftsmanship and personalized service that turns your vision into a beautiful custom home.

Effortless Pre-Qualification

With our network of local and national banks, we streamline the pre-qualification process to match your specific financial needs.

Expert Guidance in Lot Acquisition

Our seasoned team utilizes their connections and expertise to find and secure the perfect lot for your new home in Boerne. We’re here to simplify the process, making us your one-stop solution for custom home building.


Your Dream Home, Our Expertise

From the initial design to the moment we hand over the keys, we oversee every detail of the home-building process. Trust us to make building your home in Boerne an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Our Recent Projects​

Explore Our Unique Portfolio of Custom Luxury Home builds, Crafted with Precision, Innovation, and a Focus on Energy Efficiency.

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Dedicated to crafting sustainable, custom luxury homes in Boerne, TX.

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