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Crafting Eco-Friendly Homes for Modern Living

In Cibolo, TX, Key Vista Homes merges your vision of a dream home with our commitment to the environment. We build beautiful, custom homes that are as good for you as they are for the planet.

A luxury home in development by Key Vista Homes, custom home builders in Bexar County, TX.

Your Dream Home Can Also Be Green

Building a home often comes with concerns about its environmental impact. In Cibolo, TX, we prove that you can have your dream home without sacrificing ecological integrity. Key Vista Homes specializes in constructing custom homes that embody efficiency, sustainability, and personalization. From energy-saving features to sustainable materials, we ensure your new home is a haven for both you and the environment.

Customized Efficiency

Design a home that’s energy-efficient and perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

Sustainable from the Ground Up

We use eco-friendly materials that reduce your home’s environmental footprint.

Healthy Indoor Environment

Our building practices promote better air quality and a healthier living space.

Start Building Your Green Dream Home in Cibolo

Make the choice for a sustainable future with a custom home that reflects your commitment to the environment.

Our Green Building Services in Cibolo, TX

We offer a full range of services designed to make your dream home a reality, while keeping sustainability at the forefront.


Eco-Friendly Design Consultation

Start with sustainability in mind.


High-Efficiency Systems

Reduce your energy and water usage.


Renewable Energy Integration

Solar options for greener power.


Drought-Resistant Landscaping

Beautiful gardens that conserve water.


Low VOC Materials

Safer, cleaner indoor air quality.


Advanced Insulation Techniques

Keep your home comfortable more efficiently.

Cibolo Trusts Key Vista Homes

Key Vista Homes

Leading the way in sustainable, custom home construction in Cibolo, TX.

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