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Where Sustainability Meets Custom Design

At Key Vista Homes, we believe your dream home in Schertz, TX, shouldn’t come at the earth’s expense. Our custom homes are built with both your needs and the planet’s future in mind.

A luxury home in development by Key Vista Homes, custom home builders in Bexar County, TX.

Building the Future Without Compromising the Present

The challenge of creating a dream home is ensuring it doesn’t become a nightmare for the environment. Many worry about the ecological footprint of new construction. Key Vista Homes addresses this by offering eco-conscious, custom-built homes in Schertz, TX. Our approach minimizes environmental impact while delivering the bespoke features you desire. Experience the peace of mind that comes from sustainable living without sacrificing luxury or personal taste.

Lower Energy Bills

Our homes are built to maximize energy efficiency, offering significant savings.

Eco-Friendly Construction

We prioritize green construction methods to protect our planet.

Customized Green Living

Tailor your home to your eco-conscious lifestyle with our flexible design options.

Embrace Sustainable Living Today

Join the movement towards a more sustainable future with a custom home that aligns with your values.

Our Services in Schertz, TX

Key Vista Homes is your partner in achieving a balance between eco-friendly practices and the custom home of your dreams in Schertz.


Personalized Design Consultations

Begin with a plan that suits your vision and sustainability goals.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Integrate solar panels and other renewable technologies.


Water-Saving Fixtures

Reduce your water footprint with efficient installations.


Sustainable Landscaping

Enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces that require less water and maintenance.


Energy-Efficient Appliances

Choose appliances that lower energy consumption.


Smart Home Technologies

Enhance comfort and efficiency with the latest in home automation.

Why Schertz Homeowners Choose Us

Key Vista Homes

Specialists in creating sustainable, custom homes in Schertz, TX, tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle.

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